Zoomi, Inc. is a learning technology company that empowers client course offerings with predictive analytics and individualized content delivery. Currently, it primarily serves the corporate training and private tutoring industries.

I co-founded Zoomi in early 2013, and today I am the Head of Advanced Research. My research has been used in its three main product platforms:

  • Zoomi Learning Player: This is the student-facing portion of the product, which delivers the course to the learners and collects fine-granular behavioral data about them as they interact with the content.
  • Zoomi Dashboard: This is the instructor-facing platform, which visualizes the learning data collected with the Player and provides analytics (e.g., performance prediction) about the learning process to the instructor.
  • Zoomi Engine: This consists of machine-learning algorithms to individualize the course delivery in the Player based on an appropriate user model that is updated based on a student's interaction with the course material.

In addition to leading the Research team, I have also played substantial roles in customer engagement, messaging, investor demonstrations, and product design/development cycles.