ECE 20875: Python for Data Science

Fall 2021

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Course Information

This course introduces Python programming to students through data science problems. Students learn Python concepts as well as introductory data science topics, and use their knowledge of Python to implement data analyses. More detailed information can be found in the course syllabus.
  • Lecture days: M/W/F
  • Lecture times/locations: Section I: 11:30-12:20, WALC 1018 | Section II: 1:30-2:20, EE 170 | Section III: 1:30-2:20, WTHR 320
  • Virtual lab hours: M-F 9-11am, 1-2pm, 5-8pm
  • Limited in-person lab hours: T/Th/F 5-8pm, EE 207/206
  • Communication: This course will rely heavily on Piazza for official announcements, student questions, and answers to questions.

Lecture Materials

  • Week 1 (8/23-8/29)
    • 8/23: Course introduction.
    • 8/25: Python basics. See slides and notebook (PDF version).
    • 8/27: Version control and more Python basics. See (updated) slides posted 8/25, and the associated notebook/PDF.
  • Week 2 (8/30-9/5)
  • Week 3 (9/6-9/12)
    • 9/6: Labor day. No class.
    • 9/8: Probability and random variables (continued). See (slightly updated) slides from 9/3.
    • 9/10: Probability and random variables (continued). See (slightly updated) slides from 9/3.
  • Week 4 (9/13-9/19)
  • Week 5 (9/20-9/26)
    • 9/20: Sampling and estimation continued. See slides and notebook from 9/17.
    • 9/22: Hypothesis testing. See slides and example notebook (PDF form).
    • 9/24: Hypothesis testing (continued). See materials from 9/22.



  • Exam 1: Wednesday, September 29, 6:30-7:30pm in STEW 183.

Practice Exams


Chris Brinton
cgb 'at' purdue 'dot' edu
MSEE 342

Qiang Qiu
qqiu 'at' purdue 'dot' edu
MSEE 358

Mahsa Ghasemi
mahsa 'at' purdue 'dot' edu
MSEE 238

Graduate TAs

Somosmita Mitra
Laura M Cruz
Nadir Mohamedraf Alawadi
Jhanvi Saraswat

Undergraduate TAs

Joseph Bushagour
Julia Taylor
Minjun Zhang
Jude Adham
Harsh Ajwani
Sabrina Chang
Jhen-Ruei Chen
Noah Criswell
Vaishakh Deshpande
Hsuan-Chen Fang
Yiming Fu
Alex Gieson
Ishaan Jain
Ruibin Jiang
Robert Ketler
Esther Lee
Shuihan Liu
Wang-Ning Lo
Maximilian Manzhosov
Jan-Adriel Nacpil
Kahaan Patel
Kartik Pattaswamy
Ayush Praharaj
Abhirakshak Raja
Runjia Shen
Siddharth Srinivasan
Avik Wadhwa
Runlin Wang
Henry Lee Wong
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Tim Zhou